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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  December 4, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> fox 5 is working several big stories this saturday night. senate showdown drama during a special saturday session over bush-era tax cuts. could this pave the way for a deal before the end of the year? temperatures are plummeting outside and tonight, several neighborhoods might get their first flurries of the season. and we begin with the crime that comes at the worst possible time for a charity. expensive computer equipment stolen from a maryland food bank. thanks for joining us. i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm will thomas. the food bank serves needy
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households throughout anne arundel county and the break-in comes during the busy holiday season, the busiest time of the year for the food bank. john henrehan has more. >> reporter: the full name of the agency is the food and resource bank in ann arundel county, supplying not only food but donated wheelchairs, walkers, furnitures, appliances and the items go through churches and charities, through the neediest families. and this agency which helps families get on their feet, was the target of thieves. at a building on the grounds of the old state mental hospital in crownsville, maryland. >> ready to score. >> reporter: dozens of local boy scouts gathered several times a year and they volunteer to sort cans and boxes for the anne arundel county food and resource bank. >> and this is non-perishable. >> reporter: 50,000 boxes and groceries are put together each year for delivery by churches and charities by local needy
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families. one of the volunteers is this 12-year-old, hunter gardener. >> i was walking around and started hearing a crunchy noise and i looked down and there were broken pieces of glass all over the place. i told miss linda and we swept it in a cage. >> reporter: a series of windows were broken out over the weekend and some were exterior windows. efforts to get in and the windows in the charitable enterprises three inside office rooms were systematically smashed up. the burglars took computers, printers, and a fax machine. they tried to take the newly- donated snow blower but it was too big to carry away. >> and -- some more boxes. >> reporter: scouts were shocked. >> they're trying to get food to the homeless and someone who would break in and steal stuff from them is a shame. >> reporter: the agency's executive director said the burglars took the hard drives on which the food and resource bank backed up its data. >> all of our records on there
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-- who we distribute to the county and records for the federal food program, the history and all the financial,. >> reporter: bruce michaelick, who helped find it in 1986, is hoping that the thieves will find a way to return the hard drives so the charity's data can be recovered. back to you. >> hopefully they have a heart and they'll do so. thank you. the other big story, how much mean will youpa pay in taxes in 2011. it's a question that matters are haggling over on the hill. today's vote led to some fireworks. as james rosen explains, that doesn't mean something got done. >> reporter: greetings from capitol hill, where democrats twice fell shy of the 60 votes they needed in order to extend the bush-era tax cuts in the way to to see them extended.
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of the two hours of debate that proceeded the votes while lawmakers are growing testy with each other. >> would you yield a question? would i yield for a question? >> yes. >> you new yorkers think you can make us mid-west earners look bad. >> reporter: it seemed likely based on post vote comments from lawmakers and the white house that a compromise is forged next week where all income brackets will receive the extension for one or two years. when today's voting was done, tempers were still running high. >> according to the strange logic of democratic leaders in congress, the best way to show middle class americans that they care about creating jobs is to slam some of america's top job creators with a massive tax hike and today's votes were an affront to the millions of americans struggling to find work. >> i was going to ask the minority leader, mitch mcconnell, who just insulted many of us by saying that we don't care about small business or the economy.
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does he regret saying on national television his number one primary goal is to unseat the president, which is why some of us are interested in how the negotiations mean going with that as a starting point and he ran off the floor and didn't answer that. >> one element of the tax cuts, an extension of jobless benefits for some 2 million people whose federal aid ran out. from capitol hill, james rosen, fox news. and speaking of presume a the new trade deal with south korea is a win-win for both countries. the president said that south korea will support american agriculture and aerospace and electronics and will help one specific industry. >> and in in particular, manufacturers of american cars and trucks will have more access to the korean market and will encourage the development of electric cars and green
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particular nothing in the united states, and will continue to ensure a level playing field for american automakers at home. >> mr. obama said the deal and others will speed up economic recovery and create jobs for millions of americans. winter has arrived in our area and if you were not convinced before, you might be tonight and that beautiful national cathedral, it's cold and the temperatures are going to drop and flurries tonight, that is the real story, a real possibility. let's check in with gwen tolbert in the fox 5 weather center. gwen, if i'm reading this icon flying around there, that looks like 34 degrees. >> reporter: it's cold outside, will and this is that reality check. we have a few flurries moving through and that is in the course of the overnight hours and that is associated with the clipper system that i'm giving you the details on later on and
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to the weather map and that look at temperatures, 39 degrees at national airport; 35, baltimore; 35, dulles and frederick and hagerstown, 32 degrees and we can be cooler than that and for tonight, mostly cloudy skies and flurries. that is in the forecast and we talking 34 degrees by the 9:00 hour and 35 by 11. with strong gusty winds to talk about as well and that full weather story is just ahead. how long will the chill stick around? i will tell you, pump up your heat, back to you. >> thank you. and a fox 5 followup on a tragic story. frostburg university student alyssa salazar and evan colberg were killed in a fire yesterday morning. friends will hold a vigil for them on campus. they were both trapped on the second floor of the building as the fire grew to three alarms. colbert co-owned a pizza shop in the building and was going to graduate in the spring. the man accused the in the
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serial stabbing spree will stand trial for murder. a judge ruled that there is enough evidence to move forward with the case against the -- [ indiscernible ] yesterday. investigators say dna from a man murdered in july matched dry blood found in the shoelaces and he's facing three murder and six attempted-murder charges in michigan and one attempted murder charge in ohio. he's accused in similar attacks in northern virginia. secretary of state hillary clinton is in washington after a weeklong trip and is responding to questions about her political future, where she thinks he's ending up in a few years. and cities across the country including d.c., getting ready for thousands of new electric cars to hit the road. what is being done to handle a surge in electricity demand and avoid blackouts. 
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>> the staff at wiki leaks are jumping from website to website as international companies booted from the traffic connects. one american server company stopped directing visitors to the leaks and french officialed moved to shut the other site down. the swiss host for the site is getting pressure to kill it, too. wiki leaks is underfire for the publications of secret u.s. military documents and the founder's perceived arrogance. they're calling it the first serious war. and the wiki leaks debacles, a serious issue
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facing secretary of state hillary clinton and she's back from the diplomatic trip from asia and the middle east. no matter where she goes, there is one question that follows her. >> reporter: hillary clinton repeatedly said she's not interested in running for president again, her latest remarks seemed to back that up while leaving a tiny bit of wiggle room. she spent the week visiting world leaders in central asia and doing damage control after the release of thousands of embassy cables. on friday, she was asked if she was thinking about another run for president and responded no, i am not. and clinton said she had a fascinating life as a first lady and new york senator and the nation's top diplomat and talked about what might come next. >> and i think i will serve as secretary of state, as my last public position and then probably go back to advocacy work, particularly on behalf of women and children, and particularly around the world. >> reporter: clinton was a fierce competitor in the 2008
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democratic primary, that political pundits are parsing her words, noting she used phrases like i think and probably when describing her future plans. after huge democratic losses in last month's mid-term elects, there has been chatter about another clinton run. there is also some speculation that clinton might replace robert gates as defense secretary after he retires and even joe biden as vice president on the 2012 ticket. melanie wilkes, fox news. up next, tens of thousands of electric cars hitting the road and stocking up on electricity next year. how electric companies are getting ready. a live look at the national menorah as the nation celebrates hanukkah. you heard gwenn a few minutes ago right? >> that is what she said. next. 
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>> space shuttle discover's final mission is off until february, a 3-month delay, courtesy of fuel tank cracks that are stumping engineers. the problems pond up last month. for now, discovery remains on the launch pad and holding a load of equipment for the international space station. the delay means the shuttle endeavor's final mission will be pushed back at least a month to april. nasa is retiring the shuttle fleet next year after 30 years. your phone, your laptop and
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now your car and they're all probably oprah's favorite things, right? the key word here is electric and turns out thousands of new electric vehicles are expected to hit the road and that means another thing. that needs to be charged up. as fox's phil keating shows us, the car industry is gearing up to meet the new demands. >> don't act like you're driving. >> why not? >> they just bought a fully- electric testra roadster. >> we don't have to go to a gas station again. >> ever? >> ever. >> ever, ever. >> and now that the heavily hyped nissan volt and chevy leaf are rolling on out, tens of thousands of electric cars are forecast to be on our roads and sucking up electricity next year. utility countries are assessing their readiness to handle a surge in demand and to avoid transformers popping and
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blackouts. the electric power supply association said the utilities are confident that won't happen, as long as the ev moon is gradual. the still-young electric car culture has the own unique issue that is still affecting sales and that is called range anxiety and that is the fear of running out of juice and ending up over on the side of the road before finding a spot to plug in and power up. miami's car-charging group is one of a handful of companies, installing plug-in parking spots and in public spaces a sap. >> and i see it's one of the biggest growth industries possible in the near future. you're changing the entire propulsion system of the transportation system. >> reporter: the federal government is spending more than $100 million on two companies to install 20,000 car- charging stations across the country by next summer and these are the 16 metro areas targeted by ecotallity and the other is put charging stations in these cities and that leaves a lot of empty space, which is
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why they're happy they have a garage. in florida, phil keating, fox news. >> and that is a good looking car. last month, d.c. unveiled the first free public charging station for elect -- electric car owners, the district is one of 9 pilot regions. it's outside of the reefs center at 14th and u in northwest. the city expects to get 500 more stations through the charge point america program. and tracking winter weather in the northwest. chicago's storm cancelled 300 flights at o'hare international airport and they're delayed up to an our. -- hour. the area is expected to get three to five inches of snow this weekend. >> nothing like that for us here and flurries are a possibility. >> yes. >> definitely, we're expecting to see flurries in the course of tonight and tomorrow and there are some areas, however, that will get more than the flurry activity. >> oh, oh. and the second. >> they need the palm of the heat, right? >> we all need to pump up the heat. we have the real arctic air
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mass that is situating over us and you know what i say? you know what? not going anywhere. it's getting cold out there and that is going to stick around. the cold, frigid air is not going anywhere and get used to it. it's a reality check for the time. year we're in. the clipper system is the producer of the snow flurries we're talking about and that is staying to the south of us and the metro area, we're expecting a few flurries; however, there are some regions to our far west that will see accumulating snow and we're going talk about that and today was a chilly day. the national airport, our high was 43 degrees. 41 at dulles and 42 at baltimore and we should be into the low 50s. we're below the seasonal average for today, as far as the temperatures are concerned. right now, with 39 degrees at national, 30 at gaithersburg, the same at frederick and hagerstown kicking in at 32 degrees and martinsburg at 34 and 40 to the south at fredics
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-- fredericksburg; 35, baltimore and up the mid- atlantic, only 36 for boston. the same for new york and we have 39 to the south in roanoke. across the country, that colder air is moving to the east and take a look. along the eastern seaboard, we have temperatures in the 30s and 40s, the mid-section of the country and take a look at the northern plains into the teens and into the 20s and this is the colder air that is settling in over us and we have the low pressure system to the north and that is in new england and opening the door for the cold, arctic air to make itself at home and beginning with a look at radar and tell what you is happening here in terms of the snow flurries anticipated. the radar is showing you some no to the areas of the west. this is moving towards the east over the course of tonight and into tomorrow. we're just on the nowhere knowledge of the clipper system and that is why we're looking at a chance of seeing flurries
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into the metro areas and the far west, a different story and look at vipir for you, showing you the picture and this is that snow settling in and we do have, as a result of that, a winter storm watch in effect for areas to the far west here and this is where we're look at accumulating snow, moving through areas of the mountains and far northwest virginia. back to the weather maps, we have this winter weather watch in effect from sunday night to monday night and they can see from six inches to eight inches of snowfall accumulating and the clipper system is to the south of us and seeing the colder air selling in because of this system and behind it, into tomorrow, the winds are going to be gusty and we're looking at a few flurries in the afternoon hours as well. allegheny, mineral, grant, pendleton, highland along the blue ridge and on that i-64 corridor, i-70 is where we're talking about seeing the snow flurries and keeping a close eye on you and talking about some passing flurries for the
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metro area. here's a look at the five-day forecast, and the cold conditions stick around and we'll be out of the wrap of the system into sunday afternoon. >> well, winter's here. >> yeah. >> winter is coming. >> thank you. and so did you see this one? a house featured in one of the greatest movies of all time is up for sale. i am not a fan of this movie. >> i know. i know. >> and in fact, they make the owners an offer they can't refuse. get it yet? talking about the eight-bedroom mansion. a correleon family home in the classic "the godfather." the asking price, $2.9 million. the realtor handling the deal said the mansion is a bit of a fixer upper but the openers think the history adds to the value. >> and better check the attic. >> you know? did you hear this one? a texas woman forced to deliver her baby all by herself. she was home alone this week when she went into labor. she texted and called all of
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her relatives and couldn't reach anyone so she started to drive to the hospital, naturally, and had to pull over when her daughter felis etdecided it was time. -- felicity decided it was time. >> called 911, i got there 20 minutes later and they were like how did you do this? like this baby, how did you deliver this baby on your own? i had no choice. >> reporter: as you can see there with that smile, mom and daughter are fine. great. >> i know. great little baby. the skins have to deliver a win this weekend and with the slightest chance of making the play-off. >> there is a problem. the problem is that they have to go on the road again and stay tough. the giants team and come sports m on tomorrow's huge nfc matchup with dave ross. from the bird family here in south korea. >> to our friends in
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washington, d.c. >> we want to wish you a merry jolly christmas. >> bye. >> bye. d fphgege
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>> good evening, everybody. dave ross is here with you. the redskins are taking a short trip to new york against the giants, a key game and thatten with tomorrow, and talking about hoops and hockey from here on out and the skins have faired well, going 2 and 1 and 3 games against the cowboys and
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eagles. with five games remaking, three will be in the division and two against the giants and if the skins can win the games, december could be a month to remember. >> you're going play your best football in december. there is no question about it. even if they get to the play- offs, the chances are they're not getting anything accomplished and hopefully we can play our next football. >> this is december and, like i said, we have to make it work and that is starting with practice and the game plan on wednesday, thursday and friday and have to -- we have to get lucky, too. >> georgetown came in this afternoon and undefeated and ranked 5th nationally and 3- point percentage shooting. if i told you the hoyas would make two 3s in this game, would they be able to remain perfect without the use of the 3-ball?
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and they liked what they had and with that steal and look up. and to the hoop, a big day for wright and second half, georgetown by 9 and wright with one of his four steals in the day and looking up and part of a 17-2 hoya run and aggies couldn't get it going and watch what wright's going to do. nail the 3 and had two of them. there is one of them. hoyas with 21 from right, and they win going to 8-0 with the 68-51 win. and last night, john wall was bobblehead night at the verizon center and wall and the wizards trying to snap a four-game skid against portland and did it behind 19 points, 10 from wall and getting that much-needed win and have to go against, look at this, the suns, lakers and kings.
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>> i don't care who we play, i think the same, you know, hopefully it gets confidence. we're going to have a challenge with phoenix and the lakers. >> believe it or not, gulf season is in session and tiger woods is in search of the first title this year, take a four- shot today in the fourth round of the chevron world challenge in thousand oaks, california. and these scenic mountains might be familiar to matsch fans. you -- for m.a.s.h. fans. tiger woods is off the dirt on 11 and that is the second shot from the dirt to the green the 2-putt there ford abouty and maintains the lead going to tomorrow's final and if you're wondering what santa claus is doing these days -- . >> tiger woods is looking good
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and the caps host the thrashers and virginia tech against fs you, and should be a good one and off the wall, all coming up tonight, everybody. >> all we needed was the hospital jeer. we did. >> and you did. the music's there and everything. >> we will see. >> hawkeye. >> and -- there you go. >> all right. >> and that is it for us at 6. see you later tonight we hope. thank you forin joining us at 10 and the news edge at 11. >> they will. 
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